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Image:Paulrhymer.jpg|frame|right|''Vic and Sade'' creator Paul Rhymer '''Paul Mills Rhymer''' was a United States scriptwriter and humorist best known as the creator of radio's long-run ''Vic and Sade'' series. With a listening audience of 7,000,000, ''Vic and Sade'' was voted the number one daytime radio series in 1942, and Rhymer is regarded by many as one of the great humorists of the 20th Century. Born in Fulton, Illinois, in 1905, Rhymer grew up in Bloomington, Illinois, attending Illinois Wesleyan University in the mid-1920s. Following his father's death, he dropped out of college to help support his mother. After employment on the Chicago and Alton Railroad, he worked as a cabdriver and then became a reporter with ''The Pantagraph'', the Bloomington newspaper. He lost that job when the editor learned Rhymer had been fabricating interviews with non-existent people. In 1929, Rhymer moved to Chicago and signed on with the continuity...